Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools District Policies and Standard Operating Procedures Online Manual
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Instructional Management (IM)

Instructional Management

Policies Policy Number Procedures Procedure Number
Athletic Council IM 4.114 Reporting Violations to the Athletic Council IMp 4.102
Athletic Program General Rules and Regulations IM 4.107    
Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) IM 4.169    
Challenge of Instructional Media and Materials IM 4.134 Processing Complaints Regarding Instructional Media and Materials IMp 4.104
Cheerleaders and Other Performance Groups IM 4.112    
Course Re-Take and Grade Improvement IM 4.171 Course Re-Take and Grade Improvement Procedure IMp 4.116
Data Warehouse Security IM 4.168 Procedures for Gaining Access to the Data Warehouse    IMp 4.115
    Diploma Classification Procedure IMp 4.109
Donated Materials for Library IM 4.135    
Eligibility Requirements for Athletics IM 4.108    
Essential Literature IM 4.129 Essential Literature Program Procedure IMp 4.105
Examinations and Exemptions from Semester Exams IM 4.117    
Experiential Learning IM 4.172    
Family Life and Sexuality Education IM 4.154    
Football, Basketball, and Spring Sports Rules and Regulations IM 4.111    
Grading Procedures for Grades K through 12 IM 4.144    
Homebound Students IM 4.162

Homebound Process

Homebound Data Management Procedures

IMp 4.106

IMp 4.107

IB Language Policy IM 4.166    
Length of Student Instructional Day IM 4.159    
Library Media Collection Development IM 4.158    
Mobile Computing Program IM 4.149    
Non-Traditional Instruction Program IM 4.165 Non-Traditional Instruction Program Procedure IMp 4.111
Nutrition Education and MNPS Nutrition Services IM 4.170    
Parent Involvement IM 4.102    
Promotion/Retention/Accelerated (K-12) IM 4.145    
Religion in Public Schools IM 4.140 Reporting a Violation of the Free Exercise of Religion IMp 4.113
School Support Organizations IM 4.100 School Support Organizations Procedure IMp 4.100
Science Laboratory Safety IM 4.132    
Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy IM 4.160 Student Technology Distribution and Collection IMp 4.108
Student Technology Loan Specifications IM 4.161    
Summer Extended Learning Program IM 4.133    
Surveys/Research on MNPS Property IM 4.167 Research and/or Survey Request and Approval Procedures within MNPS IMp 4.114
Teacher Resource Materials IM 4.142    
Test Security for State Mandated Assessments IM 4.116 Procedures for Securing State-Mandated and District-Wide Assessments IMp 4.103
Transfer Policy for Athletes IM 4.109    
Transportation for Athletic and Extra Curricular Activities IM 4.110    
Use of Copyrighted Material IM 4.156    
Use of Media and Computer Software in Schools IM 4.157 Equipment Checkout at Martin Professional Development Center IMp 4.112
Virtual School IM 4.163    
Volunteers and Visitors in Schools IM 4.105    
Weather Related Guidelines for Athletics and Physical Education IM 4.113    
Web Page Development and Compliance IM 4.101    
Wellness IM 4.146    
Wireless Network Installation Policy IM 4.164    

Policy Notes

The policies listed on this site follow the Tennessee School Board Association model and can be accessed by section, policy number or keyword search. Our goal at Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is to communicate our policies efficiently and effectively to both our parents and community stakeholders. Please direct questions concerning policy or procedures to our policy office.
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The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age, and/or disability in admission to, access to, or operation of its programs, services, or activities. MNPS does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. Contact MNPS ADA Coordinator at 259-8531.

MNPS maintains an official complaint procedure that complies with the standards set aside by Federal Programs under No Child Left Behind. Complaints regarding Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are covered under this procedure. It can be found by clicking on <Compliant Process>